Labour attracts 250,000 new supporters. But they’re the wrong kind of supporters!

Iain Macwhirter

Labour were relieved to discover that milord Sewel of Coke, who has been all over the tabloids allegedly cavorting with prostitutes, had resigned his Labour Party membership some time ago when he became deputy speaker of the Lords.

However, he remains “a non-affiliated member” so he could still be voting in the Labour leadership contest. Indeed, the ladies of the night, who he allegedly entertained, might also be voting for the Labour leader.

After all, they seemed very interested in his Lordship’s views on all the candidates in Labour’s election. And all they needed to do was put up £3, register as a supporter to have their say.

Labour even emailed me asking me to vote in their election as a supporter. I was tempted – I was involved with the Labour Party many years ago – but I’ve never been a member of any political party since then.


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