Two Questions now for Mr. Carmichael. Why did you lie? When will you resign?

The Orkney Vole

CQGTwevWsAAQcLPThe Right Honourable Alistair Carmichael MP will probably have to testify about his personal honesty on live television. The judges have spoken and want evidence as to the motive or reason for giving the false statement.”  

Crowdfunding has made this possible. By 12.40 pm, 5,458 people had contributed £94,780 – an average donation of £17.23 each. We initially asked for £60,000 and had raised that within three or four weeks. We were told that this would cover the costs for both sides if we lost. Then the hearing took two days and our estimates effectively doubled.  Now, the case is allowed to continue, we face an additional four or five days of hearings and pre-trial preparation. We are not afraid at all because the sheer volume of giving from a huge number of people shows that we are not alone.  Please, contribute here.

Carmichael’s  failed attempt to  crowd fund

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