Domestic violence and benefit cuts – a note for Mr Crabb

Sentinel News

Stephen CrabbBy Chaminda Jayanetti

Politicians like to talk about their “backstory”. It makes them seem normal, relatable, or so they hope. Even if their background is hopelessly out of touch from that of most people, there will usually be some difficulty, or tragedy, or hardship – real or perceived – that can be front-paged to hide the privilege beneath. Even a grammar school education can be rebranded as “state”.

With Stephen Crabb, the recently installed Work and Pensions Secretary, it’s not so much of an act. He grew up in council housing. He went to state school, and both his parents received benefits at various points. So far, so normal.

Another aspect of his childhood that Mr Crabb has openly talked about is the domestic violence his mother suffered at the hands of his father. He has discussed it in media interviews. He has talked about the effect it had on…

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