Labour’s anti-Semitism row is more about toxic factionalism than hatred of jews.

Iain Macwhirter

LABOUR’S anti-Semitism row is like something out of the satirical BBC comedy, The Thick Of It. Only the scriptwriters who dreamed up the Labour spin doctor, Malcolm Tucker, would have thought it too far-fetched. The former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, was filmed last week seeking refuge from the press in a disabled toilet in the foyer the BBC’s Millbank studios, after being accused by another Labour MP of being a “Nazi apologist” for suggesting that Hitler supported Zionism. It was beyond satire.

It was also the most damaging prelude to an important election week for Labour. Candidates and activists pounding the streets this weekend must be furious. Labour’s Kezia Dugdale was one of the first to criticise Ken Livingstone, but there are bound to be consequences for Scottish Labour. The press is filled with Labour MPs accusing each other of being racists and bigots. At the very least, it looks…

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